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Hi! Everyone it’s me Turbo!  Well I am really in the dog house this week.  I rubbed my mom’s fur the wrong way.  Timba and I were playing and when I got tired I hopped up in bed and cuddled up to my mom.  Everything was good until Timba tried to come over by us, he just didn’t understand it was my time with mom so I hissed at him.  He did not get the message.  He was barking up the wrong tree, and of course I had to get my point across, so I backed up to mom and marked (peed on) her so that he would know she was mine and it was my time. Well that turned into a catastrophe. Mom had to shower and strip the bed and I got kicked out of the bedroom.  Okay now on to this weeks topic.

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Since we are coming up on the Dog Days of Summer I thought we would talk about outdoor living.  Remember outdoor design is in the de…tails. Ha Ha.  When designing your outdoor living space, keep in mind it should be enjoyable for the whole family.

Swimming pools are a great idea for keeping cool and having fun. But remember furbabies are members of the family and swimming pool safety should be just as important for them as it is for children.  Often, while animals may be able to swim, they may have difficulty getting out of the pool by themselves without assistance.  A ramp allows pets and other animals a way to get out of the pool by themselves if no one is there to assist.  While dogs may need to be trained to use a ramp, most other animals are able to use it naturally.  If you are having a pool put in talk to the designer about adding a ramp or beach entry to the design.  If you have an existing pool you can look into a portable ramp such as Skamper Ramp.

Every pet owner with a swimming pool knows that whether they want their furbaby in the water or not, they will probably end up in the pool at some point, often involuntarily.  Even if under constant supervision, the unanticipated can take place.  Animals are chased or doors are left open.  Accidents can and do happen. Pool alarms are an excellent choice to alert you that your pet has entered the pool.  Flotation vests are a viable option; however, both pool alarms and vests require that the pet parent be home to help the pet get out of the pool.  The ramp will allow them to get out on their own.

In the heat of summer furbabies will get dehydrated very quickly so incorporate an outdoor drinking fountain into your design.  You can design a permanent fountain or purchase one that is electrical, or can be easily attached to a hose bib.  Whatever type you choose, make sure it provides fresh, cool water at all times.  The Contech Waterdog Automatic Pet Drinking Fountain is a good choice.  When your pet is 3 feet from the sensor the water automatically turns on.  When the pet leaves the 3 foot area the water turns off.  See link below. Another drinking fountain that adds an air of tranquility and relaxation to your outdoor space is the Dogit Design Alfresco Outdoor Drinking Fountain.  http://www.valuepetsupplies.com/pet-feeders-pet-fountains/dogit-pet-fountains/dogit-design-alfresco-outdoor-pet-drinking-fountain.html

An outdoor toy box is a good idea for storing toys when not in use.  Also consider toys that help your furbaby keep cool and hydrated during the summer such as the Hydro Bone.  The Hydro Bone is served frozen to offer cooling refreshment.  http://www.drsfostersmith.com/product/prod_display.cfm?pcatid=22220

(Toys, oh the endless pawsabilities)

Finally make sure your furbaby has a comfortable place to rest.  There are many outdoor beds and cabanas for furbabies to enjoy that will match any decor.  Outdoor fabric companies such as Sunbrella also make pet friendly fabrics for outdoor living.

Well it’s time for me to go.  I think I am going to stay at my cousin Snicker’s (he is a wiener dog) house for a few days until mom gets over being mad.

So until next time, remember the best things in life are furry! 

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