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I sat down with my coffee this morning and reflected on the past couple of weeks. The coronavirus has changed all of our lives in a very short time. Most of us are at home social distancing. We are scared and stressed and have a new normal. Well, I believe this is the perfect time for a home makeover. First a spiritual makeover, use this time to lean into God and to believe he will see us through this crisis. Pray for those in need and those on the front lines. Second a physical makeover. The bathroom is a great place to start, with all of the new technology available today we can improve our wellness, hygiene and safety. We can have a complete spa experience right at home.

Hi-Tech Toilets

Toilets are revolutionizing the way we go to the bathroom. They are loaded with comfort features like motion sensors, self-cleaning systems, seat warmers, massage, LED lighting and more. I am obsessed with the Kohler Numi 2.0 intelligent toilet. It is equipped with an automatic opening-closing lid, a hands free opening-closing seat, an automatic flush with dual flush options. A warm-water cleansing system with adjustable water temperature, pressure and spray. It has a heated seat, a warm-air dryer, automatic deodorization, and a stainless steel wand with UV sanitization. A nightlight and dynamic ambient lighting, a programable remote control, speakers with wireless streaming capability and embedded Amazon Alexa. Wow can you say opulent! Also check out other brands like Toto, Delta and Duravit for hi-tech toilets.

Kohler Nuni 2.0 Intelligent Toilet

I am crushing on all of the new technology options for bathrooms and I can’t wait to share them with you.

Hi-Tech Bathtubs

Get inspired with today’s bathtub technology. Personalize your bath experience with chromotherapy which uses colored lights for mood enhancement and hydrotherapy that uses water temperature and pressure to cleanse toxins and stimulate healing. Air jets, water temperature, and how you fill, heat and drain your tub can be controlled electronically. Toto even makes a zero-gravity bathtub so you can experience weightlessness.

Aquatica Dream-C HydroRelax Bathtub


Hi-Tech Showers

Transform your shower with automation that lets you control water pressure and temperature, television and music. You can also control chromotherapy, steam and air jets. You can even adjust lighting and water consumption and pre-set shower times. Check out Kohler Konnect for some great options. Less expensive options are smart shower heads that let you enjoy music. Check out the Moxie Voice Smart Shower-head by Kohler with a voice assistant. The possibilities are endless.

Kohler DTV+ Digital Shower

“Bathrooms today should be a luxurious source of comfort and convenience.”

Hi-Tech Faucets

We can enjoy healthy living with features like hands-free and voice activated faucets. Some faucets today can tell you how warm or cool the water temperature is with LED lights. Others can continually adjust hot and cold for just the right temperature. GROHE has faucets with electric timers that can be set for tasks like brushing your teeth or washing your hands. This new, integrated technology allows us to rethink home design.

Delta Touch 2 O Faucets

Hi-Tech Mirrors

Bathroom Mirrors can now provide you with shadowless light and be equipped with stereo and voice commands. Motion sensing night lights and even a TV. A couple of great choices are the Vedera Voice mirror by Kohler and the Seura TV mirror. Keep these things in mind as you think about your spring remodel.

Seura TV Mirror

There are so many smart bathroom possibilities for comfort, convenience and well being. Antimicrobial LED lights that prevent the growth fo mildew, fungi, mold, bacteria and yeast and touch free soap dispensers to eliminate germs. UV towel dryers that can dry and disinfect at the same time. Humancentric lighting that can mimic the levels of sunlight throughout the day. Refrigerated cabinets for storing medicines in the bathroom. Waterproof televisions for the bath and shower. Smart scales where you can access data from your phone, computer or tablet. Fireplaces, water features and heated floors for a bathroom you will never want to leave.

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