Meet Turbo

turbo at computer

CFO, Turbo

Greetings home owners, decorators and friends! My name is Turbo and I am the CFO (chief feline officer) and lead pet friendly designer at Lap of Luxury Custom Home Interiors, an upscale design firm located in southeast Alabama.

As a bengal cat, I am able to provide an insightful perspective on pet friendly interior design for my clients and their pet parents.

Turbo’s Blog will be your resource for pet friendly design inspiration. It will feature the latest in interior design trends for furry family members,
new and innovative pet products for your home, and interior design tips and advice for pet parents.

We welcome your questions and comments so please let us know if there is a specific topic relating to designing for homes with pets that you would like to see addressed in Turbo’s Blog.

Don’t forget to tune in regularly for the fun and entertaining adventures of me and my three companions – Timba, Taji and Keiko,
as we take the interior design world by storm!

Yours Truly, Turbo

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