More 2011 Home Design Trends

Hi!  It’s me Turbo.  Wow another pawsitivly fantastic spring day.  I drove my catvertible to work today so I could enjoy the sunshine and the wind in my fur.  What a rush.

This month we are talking about what’s the cat’s meow for 2011 in home design.  Whether you are building a custom home, remodeling an existing home or just updating an existing space, check out the trends topping the charts this year.

Smaller Homes:

New homes are still popping up in real estate markets that have stabilized but they are more modest.  We are not seeing the luxurious mansions that we saw during the housing boom.  The push is toward smaller more energy efficient homes. (with out enough room to swing a cat!).  Homeowners want more value for the dollar. (This way they have more disposable income to spend on us furbabies). Rooms are becoming more multi-functional (like being able to eat and store our toys and treats all in the kitchen) and it is more important to maximize space.  Energy-efficient windows, lighting, appliances, tank-less water heaters, low-VOC paints, stains and sealants rank high with homeowners in this economy. (A word to pet parents, make sure you leave enough space for storing valued furbaby possessions such as toys, beds, toys, cat trees, toys, blankies and did I mention toys).

My chiuaua friends Bruiser and Bailey are usually in the dog house, so they don’t feel they can downsize to anything much smaller than the house above.

Smarter Homes:

Hep cats are Integrating ecosmart technology into the home.   It’s about making our lives easier.  Controlling lighting, entertainment systems and appliances from a centralized panel. (Oh my gosh, like controlling the number of treats we get and when we get our food from one central spot with the push of a button.  LOL!  A cat can dream). It won’t be long before we will be able to control these things from our smart phones.

Universal Design:

Use an open and flexible plan which is comfortable and versatile.  A good example of this would be a kitchen that serves as a multifunctional environment incorporating gathering space, cooking area, entertaining area, dining area and working space.  Introducing Universal Design principals in your home makes it more appealing. (And for those of us furbabies who like to be the center of attention, we will be as happy as a flea in a dog house).

Work Spaces:

In this unstable economy that has gone to the dogs more people are incorporating work spaces into their homes.  More people are choosing to work at home or start a home based business. (This is purrfect for us furbabies because we get more time with our parents).

Outdoor Living Areas:

With the trend of downsizing our homes comes the idea of expanding living spaces outdoors, adding porches, decks and summer kitchens. (And to sweeten the kitty, maybe a screened in area with a cat tree or a pet lounger for us furbabies).

Additional Trends:

Additional trends we are seeing for 2011 include artistic tile in the kitchen and baths emulating organic patterns found in nature. (Hey, how about some tile with paw prints?)  Organizational features such as built-ins and storage areas throughout the home,  freestanding tubs with separate stand-up showers, ceiling details accenting rooms within open floor plans, (like maybe some catwalks), international design influence, especially Asian design, (how about a statue of a cat doing yoga), media spaces for flat screen TVs and gaming systems and living areas wired for technology.

Speaking of tubs, check out this bad to the bone pawcuzzie tub from MTI.

Remember although size is being reduced, high-end materials and finishes are in no way compromised. (Thank goodness because my sisters Taji and Keiko are a couple of real glamour pusses).

Well I gotta run because my brother Timba and I are off to see a man about a dog.

So until next time remember…the best things in life are furry. 

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  1. Maureen says:

    Love your blog! Great tips, photos and lots of fun.

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