How Color Impacts Emotions

Hi! I hope everyone had a dog-gone fantastic April Fools Day!  Mine was pawsitively spectacular.

Last week I introduced you to Pantone’s 2011 color of the year honeysuckle.  This week I want to show you Pantone’s complete spring pallet for 2011 – An Exotic Journey. Citing exotic destinations like Africa, India, Peru and Turkey as inspiration for spring 2011.  Pantone continues to satisfy our need to escape everyday challenges with intriguing color combinations that transport us to foreign lands.

Spring is the time of year that is perfect to introduce some fresh fabrics and try some new paint colors in your home.  You want your home to be welcoming from the subtle details to the overall feel.  Paint can make a radical change to the feel of a room.  Great color pulls you into a room and makes you want to stay.  It makes a house feel like a home.  Many people are afraid of color but if you choose the right colors for certain areas of your home they can have a tremendous impact on your feelings and emotions.  Make choosing colors a pet project!  Ha Ha get it pet project.  I crack myself up.


Red, orange, and yellow colors and their families are referred to as warm colors since they evoke images associated with heat, like fire or sunshine.  As a result they make us feel warm in a psychological sense.

Red: I associate this color with the energy I need to chase my sisters Keiko and Taji through the house and to leap from the top of the dresser onto my brother Timba.  Also the jar where my favorite treats are kept.

This powerful color has cattitude, it increases blood pressure and heart rate.  It often produces feelings of intimacy, energy and passion.  It also stimulates the appetite and is an excellent choice for dining rooms in the home.  This might not be the best choice for my furry pals who are overweight or a little on the hyper side like me.  My mom says I bounce off the walls.  LOL

Orange: I associate this color with the blown glass light fixtures hanging over our dining room table that I like to bat back and forth.  I don’t know why my mom gets so upset when they hit each other and make noise, its my favorite part?

Like red, orange warms a room but in a less dramatic and passionate way.  The mood and attitude of orange is more friendly and approachable.  Orange is a purrrfect color for living rooms and family rooms and is a good choice for children’s and furbabie’s bedrooms.

Yellow: I associate this color with a sunny place to take a catnap and the color of pee when I go around the house marking my territory.

Yellow grabs attention and catches the eye like no other color.  Just ask my mom after I am done marking my territory.  Yellow shows the way in poorly lit foyers and hallways.  Elderly people report that yellow lifts their mood and makes them feel good.  It kind of gives them a new leash on life you might say.  Highly saturated yellows can be too strong and may cause anxiety in infants, young children, furbabies and the elderly.


Blue, green, violet and their families are considered cool colors because of their references to lush landscapes and ocean vistas.  When we look at these colors they elicit feelings of peace, tranquility and relaxation.

Blue: I associate this color with my blue tunnel that I love to play in and with my mom’s blue jeans that I knock off the hangers while I am playing on the shelves in her closet.

Soothing blue is an ideal bedroom color for adults, children and furbabies.  But the same blue that lulls us to sleep suppresses our appetites, possibly because there are very few naturally blue foods.  Put blue to bed, but try to keep it out of the dining room unless you have an overweight furbaby.

Green: I associate this color with enchanted tails about the green lizards that I see outside the window.  Ooo if I could only catch one!

As the dominant color in nature, we are at home with green anywhere in the house.  Light greens work well in baths and living rooms; mid-range greens are a great accent for kitchens.  The calming effect of green makes it a real creature comfort.

Violet: I associate this color with my sisters Keiko and Taji because they think they are royalty and part of the pet set.  I think they are just a couple of prissy hairballs.

Despite the favorable response violet elicits in children and furbabies, many adults dislike purple.  Rosier shades of violet seem to be more appealing to adults.  Kid’s rooms and play areas may be good places to experiment with this color.


Brown, white, black and their color families are considered neutral colors.

Brown:  I associate this color with my sister Keiko’s points since she is a chocolate point siamese.

Browns are liked by most people in most cultures.  The influence of nature is very strong in this color family.  Browns are down to earth, warm, friendly and secure.  Although I feel anything but, secure when I look into my sister’s face.  Lighter shades are warm and serve as wonderful backdrops for home design.  Darker shades add richness and depth.

White:  I associate this color with the toilet.  It is so cool when it flushes and the water swirls and goes down the hole.  When I was a little furball, I thought it was a swimming pool.  Of course I know better now.

White lightens, expands and enlivens other colors.  It is very reflective.  Use white carefully.  A room that is too white is not comfortable for most people.

Black:  I associate this color with the neighbor cat that keeps coming in my yard.  Let me tell you I have a bone to pick with him.  Mom says that I should always put my best paw forward but not this time.  A cat’s yard is his castle!

Black makes other colors come alive and adds weight to a room.  Black is formal, elegant, powerful and ominous.  It is a wonderful accent color in all rooms, but too much black can be a problem visually.

Well I have to sign off now because I am meeting my cousin Snickers (he is a wiener dog) at the pawffee shop.  I can already taste my catnip catpuccino and I told Snickers that I would buy him a mutt mocha.

So until next time remember……..The best things in life are furry.   Love Turbo 

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